Friday, February 6, 2009

Dear White People

Hi white people (with emphasis on men)
Yes, I know, I'm white. Bear with me.

Listen white folks, I would love to say that this is an American problem. But its not. This is pretty much a world problem. Any place there are white people they're going to be saying shitty things and making assumptions. Now, I'm not saying that this is an exclusive white people thing, trust me, just about everyone can be and will be racist. But seriously people, the things you say. Really stupid Republican lady? You think this email is appropriate? Really lady working for Queen's Park who called the black guy that came in for an interview the "ghetto dude" because of his cornrows REALLY! Really stupid guy from a prairie province (who happens to also be a federal politician) who called Nelson Mandela a terrorist? Really Miley Cyrus? Asian eyes? (Sad story about the only asian girl in my class in elementary school who actually tried to fit in with our kiddie racism with a fake chinese accent and the odd asian joke is NOT to follow, but it did happen. The world is sick, I know.)

I mean, let's be real here. I make mistakes. I say things that I later regret. So does everyone. I pass judgement on people... pretty much all the time. We all do. So I could use a little cultural sensitivity myself, I think we all could. I mean, my black friends could including Miss "White Girls Can't Dance" (she may be right though) My asian friends could (Mr. Everyone knows White people aren't good at football... yeah that stereotype surprised me to)

So the question is this, what are we to do? Laugh it off? Get over it. Or get indignant (my personal hobby) and hypersensitive.

I'm going to warn you right now, if you ever use the phrase that's so gay I'm going to dye your hair purple in your sleep and tattoo gay hair stylists, I'm a homophobe on your forehead. Just TRY to get your hair fixed after that. (No I'm not implying all hairstylists are gay, I'm implying its a very accepting industry... jeeeeeeze)

So... are ya inadvertantly racist ever? How do you deal?

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