Saturday, September 27, 2008

Palin & Thatcher: the new domnimatrix porno

I've always been fascinated by the way women polticians are portrayed in the media. They are either too weak or too cold (the female version of strong apparently). Sometimes they're portrayed as air-headed bimbos who are not serious enough to be participating in the arena of men's politics. Sarah Palin for instance is described as a cold bitch one minute and then "infantalized" by her campaign the next. Truth be told though, I would rather someone cold and calculating "thatcher-esque" in the White House then this supposed paragon the media is seeking when it comes to female politicians. Can someone please tell me exactly what it is they want anyways? Not to hard, not to soft, just right. Someone attractive naturally, couldn't have someone dowdy in office, but on the other hand, she can't look "done"... you know "freshened up" so to speak. It seems like any gaffes a woman makes in politics are not quickly forgotten, but hey, maybe thats me. The other thing is that a woman in office has become such an obsession in North America, to the point where people will vote GOP just because the running mate is a woman and regardless of platform.

Anyways, I apologize for that. It had nothing to do with anything and it was a total ramble. I will probably look back on it and wince, as I often do. On a side note, I'm questioning this blog just a tad, it seems wildly narcissistic right now which I think is ultimately a reflection of our generation and our appallingly strong self-centeredness coupled with our sense of entitlement. In short "I'm special because I've been told so since birth, and therefore the whole world should give a damn about what I say." Which in my case, is all completely true.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

one last thing

Just added a "following" app to the blog. Since I want to know... if you read it click on the whole become a follower thing!

Had I known this was going to be what third year was like

I would have run! I would have been like, alright folks, y'all go enjoy you're bourgeois education so that you can have that middle class life with the white collar job, the 1.8 children and the picket fence, and a life of general mediocrity. I'm going to go become a feminist stripper in Shanghai. But no, I was not warned, so here I am, enjoying the highs and lows of my elitest education. Let me tell you folks, right now, I'm at a low point. It doesn't get much lower. Having thoroughly examined my work load, I can safely kiss my social life goodbye until Christmas (with a few-a very few- exceptions of course). On top of that, I seem to be blowing through my cash at a typical Laura rate, and while I don't doubt that my shiny new credit card will see me through the next few months, I would like a little more financial security... namely, a job. So all that said, I have decided to become a romantic hermit. I know several of my friends are going to be disappointed by this. They live in hope of me finding a man, so that we can double date, so that we can gossip out "the ol' ball and chain" , so that I'll stop complaining about the continuous, and often drunken presence of their various boyfriends, which naturally leads to continuous and often drunken makeout sessions. But alas ladies, thats how its got to be. I, declare in the presence of all net surfers, that I will hand in projects on time this year, they will be well done and I will continue on to next year, in spite of my better judgement and get this darned degree over with and get it done with honours!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm glad people bug me to do this

It's not that I don't want to write, I do. After all this was my idea and no one else's but for some reason I occasionally lack the inclination to write. For example, sometimes I don't get terribly excited about blogging about my "failures"... I know, imagine that. For example, I went for a job interview the other day, to be a nanny (it goes against my feminist instincts, but what can I say? I like kids) and guess what, the people were there, but their door bell was broken and they did not answer the door no matter how much I hammered on it. In fairness, I actually had a narrow escape because they lived at Queen and Lansdowne which is, an absolutely appalling commute.

In other equally depressing news I have "failed"in a couple of other ways. Way # 1: I'm already way behind in my readings, school work etc. My due dates are looming, LOOMING I tell you. So yes, I'm going to spend today and tomorrow (I spent yesterday as well) getting myself back on track.

Thing number 2: In spite all of my resolutions to be a little healthier, I have been MAD failing at that. I haven't even been taking my vitamins which is usually a total given for me. The gym pass was just bought yesterday. Still unused, natch.

Pray for me people. I'm gonna get back on track again I sweear!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

what have I been doing with myself... fearlessly

Ok, so... I've been away for a while. Five days to be exact! Why? True story, its easier to blog obsessively about the mundane when you work in an office. (ooooh Harsh I know) What have I been up to since I'm no longer the great organizer of addresses and taker of angry constituent calls? I have been schoolin' hitting on waiters AFTER I've left (cowardly, I know) putting enticingly snarky ads about myself on craigslist (follow the link!) and fielding responses. True story, don't use craigslist unless your desperate. Lesson learned. The responses have ranged from witty, to creepy, to sad to bizarre. Example of creepy: without having seen my pic, I was offered no-strings attached sex except I would make 2000$ a week as his employee (yes I would be payrolled... I wonder if it was tax deductible). An example of the bizarre had to be one guy who responded by saying: no offense but at 5'7 and 140 you're a bit fat, don't you think its a bit strong to ask for a guy who's in good shape? Then he asked me for coffee. What a charmer. Some guys only sent pics to persuade me that way. They were admittedly way to good looking to be using craigslist. Other guys attempted humor. Some failing wildly, others making me smile, and others still making me chuckle out loud. Which was awkward when I was sitting in Vari hall at York. For example, in response to the are you in shape thing, one guy said he could throw me over his shoulder, run a mile and then collapse at the end. A good skill to have. Especially since I probably wouldn't make 200m with someone my weight over my shoulder.

Ok, so totally rambling up there. Did you notice? Are you still reading? Yay. I'm going to note a couple of things that I'm proud of right now. 1) making friends in class. Trust me, its scary. Some students are all like Ï'm her to listen to the prof"and some students just want to sit around and have a good chuckle. I'm in between. True story. So I want friends in my class. Anyways thing number 2) People are reading my blog! Often people that I don't expect. Yay Sarah (since I know you're reading this!)

Alright, so this has been barely coherent and I apologize. Its the drugs talking not me. I have a cold and I take a LOT of medicine to get through any standard bout of illness. (I know, not good) Anyways everyone, I doubt Ill be blogging again soonish because I'm leaving on Friday for my Grandpa's house, and then from there I get to see my new baby cousin! Its going to be an awesome weekend.

(PS according to blogger spell check snarky is not a word. snarky snarky snarkily snarky)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

guyland... the next book I want to read

Ok, I'm not a fan of the non-fiction unless its about culture, society, politics, civil rights or feminism (with the occasional biography for shits and giggles). So, in spite of the fact that I'm gearing up for a full year of incredibly dense non-fiction (Ok realistically I'll still get through a novel every two weeks but whateves) the next book I want to read is a sociological exploration of the white middle-class male between 16-25 and why they are by and large such douches. The book is called guyland. "Feminism expects a man to be ethical, emotionally present, and accountable to his values in his actions with women — as well as with other men. Feminism loves men enough to expect them to act more honorably and actually believes them capable of doing so." thats a short quote from the author who happens to be a man. I know I'm going to love it.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Self-improvement projects abound!

Ah how we want to be perfect. Think about how unstressful our lives would be. What do you stress about on a day to day basis? Your job, you classes, your body, your friendships, your relationships, money, your house or room, and thank God I don't have kids yet because that's just one more thing to stress about! We're not perfect and never will be. Nonetheless, perfection is what we all,subconciously struggle for. No one just "settles" so let me tell you about the rash of self-improvement projects that are going around today. There's a blog that a woman is writing to describe her experience of living life according to all things Oprah for a year in an attempt to find happiness. Another woman has written a book about her life when she spends a year following the advice in magazines (mainly the magazines that cover all the bases like Self, Glamour and Cosmo). Someone else wrote a book about when he and his wife decided to have sex every single day for a year, including how it affected their relationship, the health benifits and the fact that she got pregnant as a result (YAY) What else, Eat, Pray, Love. I haven't read it yet but its about finding self-fulfillment. There are people blogging about losing weight. There are people who blog about being good parents. The web is littered with the journeys of people who are searching for happiness, perfection, fulfillment you name it, its out there.

In the same vein, I read an article about the importance of goal lists. They provide clarity, something concrete to work towards and you can break them down in to steps. I'll make goal lists for the year and goal lists for the next 10 years (stuff to do before I'm 30). I think this will be a good exercise for me. If I can break my goals in to less scary huge things I'll be more likely to accomplish them.