Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Had I known this was going to be what third year was like

I would have run! I would have been like, alright folks, y'all go enjoy you're bourgeois education so that you can have that middle class life with the white collar job, the 1.8 children and the picket fence, and a life of general mediocrity. I'm going to go become a feminist stripper in Shanghai. But no, I was not warned, so here I am, enjoying the highs and lows of my elitest education. Let me tell you folks, right now, I'm at a low point. It doesn't get much lower. Having thoroughly examined my work load, I can safely kiss my social life goodbye until Christmas (with a few-a very few- exceptions of course). On top of that, I seem to be blowing through my cash at a typical Laura rate, and while I don't doubt that my shiny new credit card will see me through the next few months, I would like a little more financial security... namely, a job. So all that said, I have decided to become a romantic hermit. I know several of my friends are going to be disappointed by this. They live in hope of me finding a man, so that we can double date, so that we can gossip out "the ol' ball and chain" , so that I'll stop complaining about the continuous, and often drunken presence of their various boyfriends, which naturally leads to continuous and often drunken makeout sessions. But alas ladies, thats how its got to be. I, declare in the presence of all net surfers, that I will hand in projects on time this year, they will be well done and I will continue on to next year, in spite of my better judgement and get this darned degree over with and get it done with honours!

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