Thursday, September 11, 2008

what have I been doing with myself... fearlessly

Ok, so... I've been away for a while. Five days to be exact! Why? True story, its easier to blog obsessively about the mundane when you work in an office. (ooooh Harsh I know) What have I been up to since I'm no longer the great organizer of addresses and taker of angry constituent calls? I have been schoolin' hitting on waiters AFTER I've left (cowardly, I know) putting enticingly snarky ads about myself on craigslist (follow the link!) and fielding responses. True story, don't use craigslist unless your desperate. Lesson learned. The responses have ranged from witty, to creepy, to sad to bizarre. Example of creepy: without having seen my pic, I was offered no-strings attached sex except I would make 2000$ a week as his employee (yes I would be payrolled... I wonder if it was tax deductible). An example of the bizarre had to be one guy who responded by saying: no offense but at 5'7 and 140 you're a bit fat, don't you think its a bit strong to ask for a guy who's in good shape? Then he asked me for coffee. What a charmer. Some guys only sent pics to persuade me that way. They were admittedly way to good looking to be using craigslist. Other guys attempted humor. Some failing wildly, others making me smile, and others still making me chuckle out loud. Which was awkward when I was sitting in Vari hall at York. For example, in response to the are you in shape thing, one guy said he could throw me over his shoulder, run a mile and then collapse at the end. A good skill to have. Especially since I probably wouldn't make 200m with someone my weight over my shoulder.

Ok, so totally rambling up there. Did you notice? Are you still reading? Yay. I'm going to note a couple of things that I'm proud of right now. 1) making friends in class. Trust me, its scary. Some students are all like Ï'm her to listen to the prof"and some students just want to sit around and have a good chuckle. I'm in between. True story. So I want friends in my class. Anyways thing number 2) People are reading my blog! Often people that I don't expect. Yay Sarah (since I know you're reading this!)

Alright, so this has been barely coherent and I apologize. Its the drugs talking not me. I have a cold and I take a LOT of medicine to get through any standard bout of illness. (I know, not good) Anyways everyone, I doubt Ill be blogging again soonish because I'm leaving on Friday for my Grandpa's house, and then from there I get to see my new baby cousin! Its going to be an awesome weekend.

(PS according to blogger spell check snarky is not a word. snarky snarky snarkily snarky)


Sarah said...

Haha. Told you I would comment!

Talking to people in new classes is terrifying, and now all of a sudden we have to choose groups and pair up within the first few weeks. You have no idea what a person's work style may be like and you have to choose a project now??? Crazy.

Laura said...

yaaaaaay (did ya see me shout you out in the blog? OH yes I DID!)