Tuesday, October 21, 2008

sad fall days

the fatal combination of gloomy weather, the fact that I haven't been taking birth control for the past month (maaaad PMSing) and a potential cold brewing means that I have a bad case of the doldrums. What I really want to do is sit at home all day, nursing myself with hot tea (there's not hot chocolate... WHY God WHY) cookies, perfect slices of raisin toast with creamy salty butter melting in to its cinnamon swirl, and heaping bowls of hot pasta oozing cheese, pesto and garlic. (I haven't had breakfast yet) I crave the mellowness of soft voice women singers crooning over gentle piano melodies. I want to read my favourite blogs, start a girly novel and watch chick flicks. I genuinely need bubble baths. I cannot, under any circumstances spend too much time with people. I might get unreasonably angry with them, or start to cry. In short, I am a mess. I really should have just stayed in bed and ignored my employers when they called. But here I am, up and listening to my mellow music and eating my raisin toast. I would like to make cookies, but its not allowed. sooo saaaaaad.

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