Tuesday, October 7, 2008

so its been a while....

confession #1: Today is one of my swimming days, in fact, true story (I refuse to relinquish that saying) I should be in the pool in twenty minutes. I'm currently sitting fully dressed in my freshly tidied room reading all my favourite blogs, which, for the record is no mean feat because there are around 40 of them.

confession #2: I don't care.

confession # 3: I follow a bizarre number of food blogs considering I do the least amount of cooking around the house.

confession #4: I have a penchant for travel memoirs, especially in which the author is as obsessed with a good meal as I am.

So yeah, all of that had absolutely nothing to do with anything except perhaps an explanation for why I don't feel like doing anything today. On a side note, did you know that there are now 100 million bloggers world wide? What are they all writing about? So please excuse me while I get back to imagining how delicious these foods might be without having to act on it and avoiding studying and exercising.

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