Tuesday, May 19, 2009

is it worth the frustration???


There really are all types on dating sites. I mean, ok there are two ways of looking at this: 1) everyone on the site must be fucked up, since they're still single. 2) I'm on the site, I'm not fucked up. There must be a few good ones.

Ok I'm starting to think that I'm fucked up.

There are the needy, clingy, whiny guys who get all upset when I don't respond right away. I read a note from one guy and didn't get back to him for a couple of days who sent me another saying "I didn't like you that much anyway".

There are the profound assholes, who wear their badges of assholery with pride. They would stand on roof tops bellowing, "I'm an asshole, hear me roar. Look at how I got Douche tattooed across my upper back with really fancy calligraphy." Ladies, let me help you spot them: they say things like "I do whatever the fuck I want." in their profiles.

There are the guys who are just plain boring! Be it the nurse guy from a little while ago, the "handy man" (interestingly enough, his name was Dan) that I went out with a couple of weeks ago, were both very nice, woefully uninformed, and socially inept. Reader poll: should a university degree become one of my requirements? Or is that too snobby? Would it even protect me from people who don't know who Vladimir Putin is?

Oh and lets not forget "the pervs". Ok, I'm not talking about child molesters or rapists (though I'm sure those are out there too), I'm just talking about the ones who are way way WAY kinkier then me, and want to help me explore my kinky side. All very well and good, but folks, there are just some things that I DON'T want to do, not even try. I don't care if you're Brad Pitt (ok well maybe Brad), it just ain't gonna happen!

And of course, there are the guys that I like, who, unfortunately don't seem to like me back. Case in point: I never heard from the french guy again.

However, I'm going out with a nice, normal, funny, extra tall guy on Thursday. Fingers crossed everyone!

Also, triathlon training is in a slump already! This does not bode well.


Moonjava said...

Lol, the things we do for love or in this case to find love. You're definitely entitled to being picky, because truthfully you're the one dating the guy and projecting the future. I for one, when I actually start looking, would like to know that I can see a possible future.

PS I require college education, not because I'm a snob, but because I want someone that I can relate to. I'm not going to require a doctorate though (but I'd definitely prefer someone who understands the rigors of graduate school, so in this case at least a masters). That's just me! And I'm not counting anyone out, it's just what I would prefer. ;)

Still Looking said...
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Still Searching said...

I have been on a bunch of dating sites and it is the same goes for girls too. When they list their occupation as a "nanny" or have deep love for horses and dogs I get the freak out. Trust me on this one... Dogs and horses = crazy