Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I heart letters

I really do. Because I find them ALL over the place, and notes that my friends and I passed, scrap bits of paper with to-do lists, story ideas, things that I want, goals etc. My room is littered with them. My favourite has got to be letters however. I don't have any love letters YET but someday I hope I will. Anyway, I found this one little gem that I wanted to share, it's from when I was a ten-year old camper and as much of a misfit as you've ever seen. Let me paint the picture for you before I share the letter, with a few short words and phrases: book worm, too smart, gangly, boyish, thick glasses, poor wardrobe, socially awkward, too honest, too trusting. Can you see why I might have had trouble making friends? Anyway, long story short, I was, for a number of years, the kind of target certain girls dream of encountering and, Christian camp or no, there was still that kind of girl. So, the letter, from one of my councellors. Very sweet and just the kind of thing an insecure little dork like me needed to hear.

Dear Laura,
It's late at night Saturday and for some reason I thought of you. I wanted to say something to you that I didn't get a chance to at camp.
I know some of the girls gave you a hard time at camp. You are going to run into that in life. You are different from a lot of people. You are very smart and that will make some people dislike you. (editor's note: told you!) My advice to you is try not to let it get to you. You are very special and you should not let others make you feel bad about that. Don't ever deny your brains. I'm sure you're destined for something gret in life. Look around for people who can appreciate your specialness. They are out there!
It was wonderful having you at camp. Hope to run in to you again.

So, I think the moral of this is two-fold. Never underestimate the difference a kind word can make in a child's life. And two, be different! I probably couldn't have blended in with the "cool girls" even if I had tried, but as I got older I found people who appreciated me. I grew too... I was none the worse for the bullying I received, in fact it made me stronger. BUT, some people don't get away so lightly. Oh yeah, I guess thats lesson number 3, grow!

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