Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lost in transition

I totally posted something yesterday and its not there! I think the blog gremlin ate it. Anywho, it was a totally unimportant little pat on the back for going to the gym. I have a plan! This is the plan. I want to keep this job so that I can stay in funds and enjoy my year! So, in order to keep this job I need to work extra hard and prove to my boss that I'm actually stellar. Considering that this work is so simple a five year old could do it you'ld think that wouldn't be a problem right? Enter boredom! THe thing that makes us forget we had other ambitions aside from making it through this day awake. "Money pays for all the days we live away but half asleep" says The Primitive Radio Gods So I'm just going to repeat to myself "Italy" over and over again and make it my new mantra, because my darling but now foreign friend Yuko and I are desperately hoping to meet up in the land of pasta and fashion at some point in December. (One wonders, on a side note, how it is that fashion and pasta go so well together in Italy but sadly not elsewhere) This is of course, if and ONLY if the people who are singlehandedly financing my education (my parents) agree. This will probably entail me making a contribution as well as me getting acceptable grades. Oh the pressure!

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