Friday, August 8, 2008

Things we love

Oh the list is long. But I think I should share a couple of "fearless" things that I'm in to right now as a way to close off the week. Fearless thing number one: Friends. A good friend should be able to bolster your confidence and help you achieve things that you wouldn't normally do. Number 2: liquor! Kidding... sort of. Number 3: Self-help literature. I kid you not. Specifically my new favourite, every girl on the planet should read this book: He's Just not that in to you. The best part of this book is that it takes the agony and second guessing out of relationships and boys which is, in my opinion, incredibly liberating and confidence boosting. As the authors say, you'll find the one, just not him. True story. Number 4: Spray in shampoo. Because nothing gives me anxiety like greasy roots. And finally number 5: Shopping. Seriously, just one new thing and I feel that much perkier. Better yet get something thats a little more adventurous then what you normally wear. That way you get fearless and confidence-boosting wrapped in to one!

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