Wednesday, August 6, 2008

can't think of a title

So here's a question: does my overwhelming desire to feed runway models stem from the fact that I hate to see creatures suffer or from secret jealousy that my clothes don't skim gracefully over my jutting bones.

That actually has nothing to do with anything, all I know is that high fashion mags make me cringe.

On another note I've been thinking about taking up creative writing again. Not in any large way per se. More of an occasional short story or vignette. Because writing is something that I'm good at, sort of, but not incredible, so while I wouldn't be failing exactly I'll probably never measure up to my own standards and in time I need to learn to be ok with that. Besides from a practical perspective I really need to work on my technique. I have a tendancy towards the melodramatic which probably stems from my slightly victorian vocabulary and my very, very dry major. (In other words my essays are not exactly a creative outlet) I read a ton which means that occasionally at least, I read "the best" or "the masters" of literature, and every time I finish a book that belongs to the literary canon, I sigh, half with satisfaction that something so wonderful has been created and half with envy at the dizzying heights of that author's writing... something I can never aspire to.

See what I mean about melodrama?

On another note, the fun and fearless new hair cut has its downside, I blew it out as best I could last night and straightened it this morning but my hair had its heart set on soft 1940's waves and I wanted a sleek and modern bob which I would tousle ever so slightly to keep from looking to polished. It had humidity and the remanants of a perm on its side, I had styling tools and lots of hairspray on mine, in the end we achieved a compromise which we both hate. Such is life.

Finally, I would like to share one of my greatest failings. I may obsessively read blogs, listen to my ipod, send text messages and do all those other things that are typical of my generation, but I am a serial email ignorer. As a result, all those little reminders sent to me by and in regards to my too lifestyle "makeovers" have been rather systemically ignored. I may even check them someday. Oops? Who needs to be organized and diet jump-started anyways?

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