Friday, December 5, 2008

From the Annals of my notebooks

I stockpile notebooks, like a total nerd. I absolutely adore stationary. So sometimes I go through writing periods if you will, when I write quite a frequently. However, as a result, it often winds up being sappy and melodramatic. Writing teachers encourage you to use lots of different words and sometimes that backfires. Anyhow, I feel like including an old piece, one from between 2 and 3 years ago I figure. It's one of the least corny ones, but feedback is always appreciated.

** You are the pink in my day. A brief but glorious minute of sunshine reflecting blazingly in a wet and grey world. You are the tattoo peaking out of an evening gown and you are running away during our lunch break to ride the rollercoasters. You taste like the Baileys I slipped in my coffee before the board meeting. You are the brazen sunflower whose coarse beauty brazenly outshines the dull, prickly roses. Only you could make the smell of lavender soap, stale coffee and garlicky french food my favourite smells in the world. You have become the tamarisk in my life.**

Is it a tad melodramatic? Yes. Is it a little wordy? Yes. Do I remember who this was about? No.

If you're wondering about such a random short paragraph, it has to do with the short descriptive paragraphs a writing teacher had my class do every week. It was kind of a warm up exercise.

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Maryann said...

You're doing great, Laura :)