Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is any fantastic Federal politician hiring right now?

Ok I'm watching Peter Mansbridge right now. I should be reading a newspaper or something, but I can't because I'm getting stupider by the day. Anyhow, as we all know I'm out of school, cooling my heels and waiting for the damn strike to end. There's not a whole lot going on with my life, I'm ashamed to say that my studies aren't just slipping, they've full-on stopped. I would rather clean stuff and go to the gym. Thats actually going really well. But here's the point, Ottawa is the place to be right now. Our politics are getting super exciting with this potentail coalition, maybe even more exciting then in the states. I want to be in Ottawa for the "Coup" if there is one! Can anyone hook me up?


erin said...

I love that Canadian politics are trying so hard to be sexy and exciting. I also love the idea of a Canadian Coup.

Laura said...

its definetely sexy. Dion has never looked hotter. And Harper was wearing such a fetching read scarf today.