Monday, December 1, 2008

whats wrong???

I don't know why, but today I'm feeling jittery. It wasn't so bad yesterday, but last night I could barely sleep. I hovered uncomfortably between consciousness and sleep, my thoughts became dreams, which in turn became nightmares, but I was still conscious enough to say "snap out of it dude". My favourite pillow, which is flatter, was no longer making the cut if you will, my other pillow which is considerably plumper was too plump. At one point I balled up my comforter and all my throw pillows and threw myself across that. No cigar. I wanted to get up and walk around. I wanted to flip through magazines and books. I wanted to go watch the really bizarre late night television. More then anything though, I wanted to sleep. I was awake when everyone else started to get up. More then awake really. Usually I feel pretty groggy first thing in the morning, but not this time. Oh no, what I really wanted to do was get up and take up running. I've failed at it before, but this time I was sure I would get it. I would run to the YMCA, do some laps in the pool, come home and finally get some shut eye. I had a cable guy to wait for though. So instead I drank some coffee, which made things worse, read a book, which made things worse, and tried to trick myself in to eating, which made things worse.

Its like my body is doing a total 180, usually, I'm hungry and tired. Today, food would equal more energy. If I had more energy I would explode!

What the hell is wrong with me?? Anyone know?

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