Sunday, December 7, 2008

I was going to write about christmas music, scrubbing the floor and the sappy/awesome book I read but...

I tend to assume a lot of men are gay and just not out yet. In fact, my deep interest in outing gay men, my overly sensitive gaydar, my interest in gay rights (it's totally a human rights issue!) and the fact that sometimes i would rather wear my sneakers, a t-shirt and my comfy jeans (with no makeup to boot) led my mother to suspect that I'm gay.

This was something I gave serious thought to... after all no one knows me better then my own Mother! Maybe she was on to something, maybe she knew something I didn't. So I pictured myself with a woman instead of a man. I could immediately see the practicalities of the situation. I want a large family so it was nice to think that the birthing and breast-feeding responsibilities would be immediately halved. Also, I wouldn't be automatically slotted into the typical woman's roles in a marriage. Hopefull I would never have to hear "you're only mad because you're on your period" as well.

I did some research, I compared hot men and women on the subway, who was I more attacted to? I even struck up a flirtatious conversation with an absolutely gorgeous girl who hit on me via facebook. I'm not one of those girls who get drunk and make out with other girls for attention, I'm one of those girls who get drunk and make out with guys... because I'm horny, so I had no real frame of reference to help me determine which gender I had the most chemistry with.

But ultimately folks, I think that the reality is that I'm just far more attracted to tall handsome men with breaod shoulders and muscular stomachs and that undefinable arrogance that must come from having a penis. But perhaps, in spite of the strong case I made for being with women, my attraction to men is for the best... at least with men I know who's the boss (me) with women I'm not so sure where I would stand.

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erin said...

I have the same problem with the undefinable arrogance. I define it as a problem because it leads me to crush on men who are actually kind of jerky.