Tuesday, December 2, 2008

two blogs in one night? WHAT?

Ok, So clearly I'm hyped up on something. If cocaine feels like this then I'll pass. My family says, Laura, go to the gym. I don't know if it'll work but its worth a try. What I really wanted to write about tonight though, was The Daily Show. Anne Hathaway was on it and I have to say, I love her. How did such a sweet girl wind up with a guy who claimed to financially represent the Vatican? But far more important then my love for Anne is my love for John Stewart. I know what you all are saying, "He's too old Laura. He has a family Laura. He's super-smart, rich and famous with millions of groupies." Listen all you nay-sayers, our love is pure! Our love has no bounds. When I'm not swooning over his salt and pepper wavy hair or that sardonic half-smile he's always wearing, I'm grinning with sheer delight, and yes, even chuckling occasionally at his jokes. Of course, I'm also fantasizing about him, me a candy bikini and that studio set of his... once everyone has gone home. TMI? I don't care. Now folks, since I have so much free time on my hands, I'm going to be delving back in to the realm of creative writing. I haven't seriously "been there" since grade 12 in high-school, under the tutelage of Mrs. Diamond. Anyhow, I'm bringin' the creative writing back. Normally political science doesn't allow much in the way of creative leeway, however, it seems that these days, they are just begging me to become an artsy type. I have no intentions of working at a restaurant however. Weak punchline? I know. So I will be sharing little tidbits from the short story I hope to write, maybe even get feedback on the plot ans whether or not its sounding a little to harlequin-ey or like those books with a lot of discriptors designed to confuse the stupid nouveau bourgeois in to believing they're actually reading literature.

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