Monday, January 19, 2009

He's just not that in to you

Today has been a day with nothing to do but "Try and Look Busy". Something I like to think I'm really good at but I suspect I'm fooling no one. So in an effort to do so, I've been alternating between reading through my google reader (I had to mark them all as read since every time I left the damn page it started all over again) and reading the news. Especially the political news. I'm sure my boss would be very impressed. Anyways, here's what I noticed, I've noticed that all is not well in bloggerdom. I mean, sure we're all pumped about the Obama Inauguration. I cannot wait for our weird neighbours to the South to finally have a normal, sane, rational leader. I mean Bush made Harper look like a tree-hugging lefty. (On the other hand, Bush still looks better compared to Stockwell Day) But like I said before, all is not well in bloggerdom.

I think I've found the problem. The problem is men. It makes me cringe, it makes me wince, it hurts me to see the women whose lives I like to read about, throwing themselves away on crappy guys. Last year, I read the book that is soon to be released in to a movie with tons of my favourite actresses (Scarlette Johansson... Drew Barrymore? Squeeeeeee!) and I think that its a book every woman should read.

Ok, one of my fave websites of all time because it has just the right mixture of feminism, politics, fashion, celeb juice and other fluff says you should NOT read this book. I haven'really followed the full debacle, but in some way or another it is anti-feminist or woman or maybe even the problem lies in the fact that it makes all men seem like assholes... Eitherway Jezebel hates the book but is excited for the movie, and I'm confused.

Anywho, I really really really want all bloggers with man trouble to read the friggin book! Because then they would realize, that everything they do to convince themselves that so and so is a good guy and he'll come around is just a huge waste of time. If I actually knew these people personally, well lets just say they wouldn't be doubting my stance on the matter. So, girls if you need to convince yourselves that he's going to call/ask you out/not cheat on you/marry you, then maybe he's just not that in to you and for the love of God (because God is a she, clearly) stop wasting the pretty.

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Nina said...

thanks for making yourself known and not

here's what i will say. it's impossible to be like let go of men or not try. have you ever been lonely?

everyone craves love and affection. there are no more prince charmings. no happily ever afters. you go through things with the best of guys...