Friday, January 16, 2009

my outbox

Dear Americans,

I don't understand your love for dragging out politics and turning something as simple as electing LEADERS for your parties ( and then the president) in to a big brouhaha. I know you all think that the fate of the world hangs on your next president, but hey, the world survived 8 years of Bush, so clearly not. Also you should consider the more civilized parliamentary system. With our system you can actually get rid of the leaders you don't like before their term is up. Of course I wonder if you would have had the brains to do it considering you re-elected that numskull. (I know, John Kerry wasn't as exciting but he sure would have been better for the economy) Anyways, can't wait for the inauguration to be over. Took ya long enough.

(80% of us anyways)

Dear York,

The Students.... and their parents.

Dear Fries,
Our sordid love affair has gone on for too long. You will be the death of my waistline. I think I need to go cold turkey. Is there a country that DOESN'T sell fries?

My muffin top


Nina said...

well, we americans are so self-absorbed and love the pomp and circumstance, we don't really pay attention to what anyone else thinks anyway...

and...i don't think there's a country that doesnt sell fries. even in bermuda..they just put paprika on them..yum!

Laura said...

I got one! Butan. They didn't have TV until.. 20 years ago I think, it was illegal because the government wants to preserve their happy Buddhist community. So no TV = no junk food ads!