Friday, January 2, 2009

snowy afternoons in the library

I have a headache so I'm going to keep this brief. Firstly, have you read Eat, Pray, Love yet? No? Why not? Do it. It's life changing I swear. It's very carpe diem to which I like. In fact that may have to be my new motto for the year. It's pretty cliched, but things only become cliched because they were awesome in the first place.

So originally my big plan for today was... NOTHING! And I liked it that way. Usually I have stuff to do, or I feel like I should be doing something. In fact, usually I feel guilty for sitting around and doing nothing. In fact, occasionally I make it look like I'm doing something so that I can do nothing with a tranquil spirit.

However, my plan was quickly derailed. For reasons I'm not getting in to now, I wound up in a big library in tights and a red dress. No force on earth could persuade me to go outside or take the subway until I thawed a little so I started to think about some things that I want to do for myself this year. Do more yoga, decrease anxiety, manage my headaches without pills, maybe be a little more spiritual, because lets face it, we all need some spirituality. So, long story short, I have books along the lines of The secret power of yoga and What Matters; Spiritual Nourishment for mind and heart, Bikini Bootcamp, and Scarlett Pimpernell which is admittedly neither here nor there, it's just a good book. I'm also trying to get back on track with my school reading. I have no clear idea of what this is going to accomplish, just some hazy ideals, so bear with me folks.

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