Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some things

I need carbs on a deep level. This goes far beyond the realms of physical hunger my friends, in fact it goes far beyond the realms of psychological hunger. I will not say I'm on a diet because that will just jinx everything, but I will say I'm going to the Dominican Republic on February 14th and I have begun my preparations. Among them I'm trying to reduce my junk food intake to almost zero and maximize my fruit and vegetable intake. This is going as well as can be expected considering the fact that I'm pretty much allergic to all fruits and vegetables in their uncooked form. I wish I was exaggerating friends, but I'm not. Here's when I know I'm done my salad: I'm not finished when I'm full, nor am I finished when the plate is empty, I'm finished when my voice is so raspy I sound like a 60 year old 1/2 pack a day smoker. (I stop plenty before I sound like a pack a day smoker) On top of this, I'm exercising. I don't use this term negligently the way I usually do to describe laps in the pool, a brisk walk or yoga whenever the mood strikes. Oh no, this is the real McCoy. I'm working out, with real exercises and everything. End of story, I'm tired, cranky and not noticeably slimmer (of course it's only been 3 days... but still) however, there is this one point in the day when all my good intentions go out the window. On Monday I succumbed to perogies, on Tuesday it was poppycock and today it was a BLT. Let me tell you, as soon as that constant gnawing that simply will not be satiated by salad was gone, I could feel wellbeing radiate from every inch of my body, it was wonderful. Long story short, I'm pretty sure I can stay on track if I can have one or two indulgences a day.

Ok in retrospect I realize that was a really boring thing to write about. I apologize, my life is in fact, pretty boring these days. Aside from waiting with bated breath to see whether or not my university and the union will in fact let me back in to class and working, and seeing some friends some of the time, there's really not all that much going on. I worry, I plan, I don't act out on my plans and then it starts again.

Finally, I'm just now coming to terms with the awesomeness that is Kindle, and slowly absorbing the fact that I don't have one. At any given day I carry about 5 books in my purse, one or two that I'm reading for fun, one serious book, and the rest are school books. On top of that, I carry like, 2 notebooks, because I don't want to be caught unprepared, an organizer that I haven't had to use and a bunch of other paraphanalia. I was thinking, kindle, plus iphone, plus super small and fast laptop with lots of battery power (AKA not the one I have now) and that would be all I need to carry. Then I stopped, sighed, and shook my head at what a sad, materialistic little person I am. But hey, at least I know!

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Maryann said...

haha..I could have written this post! I'm on day 2 of eating salads and fresh fruits and going to the gym..and I'm about to have a melt down :) Happy new year my friend!