Saturday, January 10, 2009

So I was on craigslist

And this is the Ad I want to post:

So, do you like girls with big boobs, tiny waists, clear skin and perfect hair? Sorry man, thats not me. What about girls that make sandwiches after sex and don't really like to talk about anything aside from sports and how hot other girls are? Well sorry to disappoint. If you want a girl who's super needy and yet, incredibly argumentative, I'm your girl. If you like tons of layers to bed, and unshaved legs, give me a ring. I'll probably spend lots of time trying to change you... I hope thats ok. I by contrast will be strongly, strongly resistant to even the faintest suggestion of some small way that I can be improved. I don't get my eyebrows done as often as I should. I'm the queen of procastination, and during the winter, you'ld be lucky to get me out of my bed, let alone out of the house on a date. My nail polish usually looks pretty scraggly. I get cranky when I'm not fed frequently, thats one of your resoponsibilities by the way. I love to have political arguments until I'm screaming.

Sound exciting!
Please reply.