Thursday, January 29, 2009

I want..

The body that makes swim suit shopping fun.

I went swim suit shopping today and it was painful my friends, painful. Usually, I have pretty good body confidence. I mean, it could be better but then so could my body (see?) but come swim suit shopping I feel like a mess by the end of it. Its like I've gained 50 lbs in two hours. This feeling is pretty much universal I understand.

Anyways, long story short, I have two bikinis (3 tops) and I'm so GLAD its over.

In other news, today I kind of disappointed myself. I watched a situation unfold and I felt like I should have intervened, my parents are two upstanding people and they don't let other people get abused but I'm afraid I have chronic bystanderitis. (I believe the real term is diffusion of responsibility) Because I work in the service industry, I'm very sensitive to people abusing service providers (verbally) I really wanted to intercede, especially because it seemed like such a crazy situation, but I was also afraid of making it worse. What would you do if you saw someone screaming at the poor bus driver? I had to go see if she was ok after that, but it really wasn't good enough. I'm definitely thinking about this too much, but its what I do. I replay things in my head over and over. I'm a dweller


Don't dwell people. Don't be like me. Move on, make more memories... don't dwell

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