Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Internet dating... continued

So, life is going well-ish these days, aside from a couple of minor glitches (the disappearance of my glasses, my wallet being stolen, my continued refusal to crack open a text book) But I'm happy, sure I have a stress headache from not working but hey, if I just keep putting it off I won't fail because I'm stupid, I'll fail because I put it off.

I've been reading blogs again (excellent procrastination technique!) and I'm over 1000 behind... another thing I'll never catch up on.

But hey, I'm like 10 lbs lighter, I got my hair cut like Katie Holmes and I'm getting a kick out of internet dating (It is SOOOOOOO much easier then meeting people the usual way) Anyway, I've got a few going on right now, the main ones though are french guy, fashion guy, only wants sex guy, dubai guy and chiropractor guy.

The one that excites me the most though, is fashion guy. Already, he's giving me fashion and makeup tips, but he was in the army and watches football and such, it's such an interesting combination. PLUS hes 6' PLUS he's asian, did I mention I'm going through my asian phase right now? My last phase was a white phase which lasted for about a year so I figure I was long over due for a new racial phase!

(I don't know why but my mind works like this, for long periods of time I find only one race attractive... right now its asian guys, before that it was white guys, before that it was black guys and before that... I forget... but you get the idea)

Anywho... I went on a date with french guy. He was really cute, or I would think so if I wasn't going through asian phase, he's much better in person then online, some people come on really strong online since they can say things that they would normally be to inhibited to say in person. Our entire date was in french! Thats right, I spoke french for 2 solid hours, about... everything, heck even I'm impressed. The other good news? My english accent is cute.