Saturday, April 18, 2009

internet neuroses.. I mean dating

zomg.... I have 6 followers! 6! I can't handle the pressure, I need one of you to leave now, k?! Actually, please don't I would cry, for days. Follower rejection would hurt more then dating website rejection.... So lets dive right in to the fray shall we? I feel as if, some guys have become disillusioned because, lets be real here folks, we all pick our most flattering pics to put on the site, so when they add me on fbook, and see the drunk shots, well you know.

Also, chiropractor boy, who I might add is graduating from kin shortly is fit. And I'm not... I feel as if he may be disappointed. We exchanged pics of a slightly more naked nature (swimsuits guys! JEEZE) and I feel paranoid because so far I've received, no comment. Nothing wreaks havoc with a woman's self-esteem like no comment.

Anywhoo, post is short because I am mad tired, and slightly tipsy and I have an early day tomorrow. So love you all! Have a bee-you-tiful weekend!

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