Friday, April 10, 2009

Internet dating part four

Well, I went out with nurse boy and it was... a train wreck. Really I should have seen it coming, I like people who are different from me but we need SOME things in common for you know... conversation and such. This boy was like TOTAL opposite, I feared talking politics with him since hes so woefully uninformed and bored by it. I'm not interested in nursing, we had no common ground upon which to build... I should have seen it coming.

I sort of want to have a new rule of only dating university people, I feel like that would be wildly pretentious but at least that way I can avoid people who "don't read". Actually I cringed as I typed that last sentence. There are a whole lot of middle class liberal types like my self who fear seeming snobby more then anything else in the world. As a result sometimes we put up with people who are just not agood match so that we can't be accused of said snobbery. Well, I still have the guy from Dubai, Fashion guy, chiropractor guy, and the guy who likes sex in public places (yeah I dunno about that one either). I don't know what happened to french arab guy, I haven't talked to him since either monday or tuesday... I'm a little bummed about that because, with him, I could really practice my french, and you know, I had some diversity.


Nina said...


how can you say.."I don't read?"

Are you a neanderthal?

Laura said...
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