Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mystery solved!


I've answered one of life's mysteries! I'm so excited... I HAD to share! I've always wondered, why do lyrics NOT make sense, and folks, I've figured it out. All across the nation, as I write, variations of the same conversation are going on. It goes like this.

"Dude, great song, but the lyrics don't make sense"


"Well, dude... like... people have gotta understand what we're trying to say!"

"What are we trying to say Ned?"

"Dude... that's soooo deep."

"Look Ned, no one is gonna not buy our album because the lyrics don't make sense, and if anyone were to question us, and they wouldn't because no one wants to seem stupid, we would just say that we refuse to explain ourselves."

"Whoa... dude... that's why you're the master."

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