Monday, April 13, 2009

more, from the dating website

so... I really like to peruse people's profiles, it's interesting checking out how people try and sell themselves.

"looking for a woman I can trust" could mean one of two things: a) I got hurt, so I'll never trust you. b) I'm looking for a sucker.

"no mothers please" means: I'm funny.. ha.ha

"verrry interesting" means: he's anything but

"looking for a soul mate" means: I'm sad and alone and not meeting my life goal of being married before I turn 25

"friends and maybe more" means: I'm trying to seem disarming and suggestive. So I come off as creepy.

"Love IS commitment, not a feeling" wow... that's... depressing...

"LETS GO BLUEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!" because.. that is how you attract a woman!

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Be one with the Fro said...

hahahaha you gotta love those dating websites