Sunday, November 23, 2008

Channelling strength

I was originally going to bitch about a few things that happened this weekend that really pissed me off. But then i decided there is something better to write about, strength.

Today my mom went through her jewelry, she tidied it and sorted it, she got rid of some things and gave me a few things. She lent me a few bangles and a Coco Chanel-esque string of pearls (fake darlings, she's nice but she's not THAT nice). Anyways, tidying her jewelry is no mean feat, she has two jewelry boxes and three drawers full of the stuff. I love going through her stuff. There's so much history. Her most prized possessions are not neccessarily the most valuable ones, the valuable ones were usually pieces she bought when she was single and therefore a wealthy woman. Her most prized pieces are the ones that belonged to her mother.

I'm wearing one of my mom's rings right now and I'm thinking about why heirlooms are so important to people. It reminds me of her, and it reminds me of her strength. She is one of those people who never let circumstances bring her down. I hope I can be that strong someday.


andrea said...

i love going through mommy jewellery too! i'm sad i wasn't there cause i'd like her to give some to me! damn... and cause i like organzing. she defs did that because of me. cause i needed some gold earrings.

Laura said...

yeah, she's repossesed her turquoise ring btw. And she gave/lent me the box with all of her cuffs which are totally in these days!