Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh Hai. I haven't been here in a while

So, since the last time I wrote something amazing happened. Not to me, to humanity! I know its a very dramtic pronouncement but so long as the US is more or less the leader (something only my love for Obama could get me to admit...) who their president is hugely important. On some level they set the standard for humanity. Anyways, Obama became president and he has bridged the deep divide, or at least he has begun to lay the foundation for bridging said deep divide. This is also huge for the fearless factor people. Why? Because Obama's victory is an affirmation! Its a Yes We Can moment. Its a for the love of GOD just get over your inhibitions already because at the worst you won't succeed (McCain anyone?) but at the best you'll be the vehicle for change moment. So yeah I'm pumped.

Anyways, I'm sorry that I haven't written before. I have been persistently ignoring my work load while sort of doing some of the reading I'm supposed to do but realistically I was spending more time on sites like Jezebel and Overheard in New York. What can I say, I'm weak. Anyways right now I have a fabulous opportunity to get back on the wagon o' good work ethic because the TAs at york have conveniently gone on strike. Normally I would be less then thrilled. Yes any excuse to chill after a stressful fucking month is a welcome one but at the same time this strike is going to wind up cutting in to my Christmas break, which is very important to me.

Christmas still makes me excited like a seven year-old every year. I can't help myself. The family, the friends, the food, the presents, the music, the old christmas movies, the trees and other decorations the snow (I hope) and on top of that my cousins are kindly all having Christmas babies, which actually means that I won't be seeing them because they won't want to travel if they're about ready to pop, but I'll know that there'll be some lil bundles of joy for me to play with come Easter.

Right, anyways that was way off topic. Anyhow I think in terms of being fearless there are two things I need to foccus on, using this stress free time to catch myself up so that I'm no longer subconsciously setting myself up for failure. (BAD mind... BAD) and... just getting myself back to overall healthy Laura, take my multivitamines, go swimming do some yoga, maybe even to a strength building kind of class, the options are limitless, but since I'm on my ass all day, if I dont get out to the gym I will go crazy and my muscles will become mushier then they already are. Never a good thing I know.

I feel that in terms of my goals I'm repeating myself a lot. Its really for the reason that there are only a couple of basic principles that I need to work on in terms of the fearlessness thing. I think the most important thing I can do right now though, is take advantage of the lull in the madness and try and rearrange my perspective a little. Make things less scary by actually doing them without the pressure of a looming deadline.

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