Wednesday, November 19, 2008

let it snow!

When I woke up this morning, my mother told me it was going to snow. "Are you going out today Laura?"

"Doubt it" (groggily) "Why?'"

"Well it's going to snow today. If you go out bundle up."

"What the hell! Its going to snow today? What's wrong with the weather this year?" I stared at her with accusing eyes. Like it was her fault. "Well if its going to snow, I'm definetely not going out. I don't have boots to wear."

"Fine sweetie. I just thought you should know."

"K thanks Mom. Bye. I love you"

As you can see. Today did not start on a good note. I've been dreading the snow. Last year, my boots were suede. Pretty, but not waterproof. I have a tough time finding a hat that's normal university garb, keeps my ears warm and is relatively fashionable. I also have a penchant for leather gloves. (I know, I could wear a whole cow during the winter. (sorry if I just grossed out a whole ton of vegetarian people)) Also, its way to early for snow. This is as bad as the Christmas commercials. Yes I love them, and I love that sephora and bayview village are already playing the Christmas tracks, but the real question is, am I going to be sick of Christmas by the time Christmas comes around?

I was studying in the living room when the first flakes started to fall. They were hesitant, drifting down from the cold grey sky furtively like they knew they weren't welcome. Soon it picked up. I moved on to yoga. Contorting myself and breathing hard, I watched as they started to fall down in earnest. Sometimes buffeted by a cold breeze, but more often then note they made their way to the ground softly. I had to admit it was pretty. My body was shaking from my yoga practice, so I rolled up my mat and went upstairs for a hot shower. When I came out, the world was blanketed. It's still snowing. My favourite part of a snow storm is right now. The world is absolutely peaceful. The roads and sidewalks are still pristine. The falling snow is only visible in street lights. When I look outside on a night like tonight, in spite of my cynicism I feel like the world is a good place. I feel a kind of anticipation for that time of the year when I feel that maybe, just maybe we can eradicate poverty, achieve world peace, gender parity, racial parity and cure AIDS and cancer. Just maybe.

Happy snow folks, happy snow.


Ji Hyeon said...

The snow falling today is my favorite type of snow -> glittering small flakes floating in the air~ I just stare at them twirling around each other and it makes me dream about the fairy tales I once dreamed about when I was a kid =) Happy Glittering Snow Day Everyone!

andrea said...

i went out and played in the snow with kevin at 3 am. we made snow angels and had a snowball fight and ate handfulls of it. then we walked around and look at the trees and the johnston green (not so green now) and our pretty resisdence. and we looked at the sky, which was that lovely orangey pink colour that it always gets after a snowstorm, and no matter how dark it should be you can still see everything perfectly. as much as i hate the cold, i love snow. it's exceptionally pretty here in guelph, you should see it. its snowing again now but it all gross and slushyyy. ew.