Sunday, November 9, 2008

I must post before the madness ensues

As soon as my mom gets home from visiting her dad things are going to get crazy! Actually I exagerate, as is my wont. But yes, my parents have volunteered to cohost a neighbourhood.... drinking party... meet and greet? I actually don't know what the occasion is, all I know is that this is not the way I envisioned spending my Sunday. It actually won't be too bad. We're in charge of the cheese. Easiest and least fun thing ever. And just to be even more cliched we are decorating the cheese platter with grapes! Grapes! I know... its out of my hands. Anywho, I'm going to be gettin' the laundry done hopefully before my mom gets home, so that she doesn't unleash the crazy. THEN I'm going to read. Yes, its now my life. I'm arguably the least productive reader I know. In fact, I often go through whole semesters without cracking open a book (that I'm supposed to read that is, a novel on the other hand...) But this year is my year of change baby! This is the year that I'm going to be different. Since I'm writing about it in cyberspace it must be true.

Ok, there is one last teensy weensy thing I would like to discuss. I think I've come up with a rewards system. My parents have always believed that good grades and a healthy lifestyl are rewards enough on their own... Yes I see where they're coming from, but I've never entirely bought it. SO, I'm going to start bribing myself. A new pair of jeans here, a rental designer bag there, an occasional manicure. But only if I've done something exceptional. For example, if I go an entire week without a stress induced headache because I've been working hard AND doing my yoga, then I have earned a... whatever, I'll need to set up an actual rewards system. I'll let y'all know how that goes. Some people need an added incentive to reinforce good behaviour and I think I'm one of them! (Or maybe I just want an excuse to buy shit)

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erin said...

Good luck with the neighbourhood party! I like the idea of going shopping after a successful week, maybe after I graduate and get a job I'll be able to try something like that...