Monday, November 17, 2008

the facts miss, nothing but the facts.

Fact #1: the weather affects my mood. Let me explain the problem about November. It lacks the lustre of October, the leaves have all changed colour and fallen to the ground where they are now decomposing in to brown sludge. It rains, constantly. The rain is not the pleasant rain of spring that practically smells like things growing. It is dark cold sleet that makes me want to go back to bed or sit pensively and read Victorian dramas in front of a roaring fire place. When it's sunny out like today, the sunlight is weak and the air is worse than nippy. As a result, I don't like November. It makes me cranky. Not only is it really cold, but its too soon to get in to the holiday spirit... Santa Claus parade be damned.

Fact #2: Apparently, nothing cures my November doldrums like online window shopping. Specifically Tiffanys. I know, its incredibly materialistic and sad. But nothing brings a sparkle to my eye or a glow to my cheek like pretty trinkets in that evocative blue box. Coming in a close second is that particular brand of Holt Renfrew pink. (For those Americans out there, Holts is like the Canadiand version of Saks) But yeah, back to Tiffanys, I suggest you go to their website and start at the hearts page. If that doesn't restore your faith in romance then you may as well be a dead fish for all the feeling you've got, thats right, not a cold fish, a dead one.

A more cynical person might say: Tiffany's; helping men get laid since 18-something-or-other. I say: Tiffanys; helping people fall in luuuuuuuurve since 18-something-or-other. Now ladies, the way I see it, there has never been a better time to be single. Come Christmas, you will not have your hopes disappointed by your cheap ass boyfriend and you can take the money you would have spent on a man and buy yourself the Tiffany's what-have-you that he's to cheap to get. When my Grandpa gives me my annual check, well any other year it would go towards jewelry or clothing, and this year especially it would go towards Tiffany's but I'm afraid its going towards my Spring Break.

back to my urban aboriginals article. The topic is not as exciting as it sounds.

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