Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well, I had a headache today. Advil did squat. I don't waste time with tylenol. The only thing that actually helped was... surprisingly a stiff drink. My headaches was the product of two things, my bad posture and a serious amount of tension. You know its bad when you can feel knots under your scalp. (Its not something people usually think about, but your head is covered in a thin web of muscle which... you know... keeps your head from falling off your neck). But yeah, that pretty much shot my day. I still went to TFS to play with the babies (lunch time supervisor en francais) and I made an attempt to study, but I didn't go swimming the way I wanted to, nor did I get my flu shot.

There's another project that I had set up for today. It's a small thing, but it's one of those feel-good things. Last night, I was thinking about postsecret which is an absolutely fabulous blog to read. Anyhow, I love how people sometimes leave secrets in the books (the postsecret books) rather then send them in to that dude. The blog has a bunch of other little initiatives like that. So, I decided to do my own little take on things, I wrote up 10 one sentence anonymous notes to put in books in Chapters and the library today. But my headache held me back... LAME I know.

I'm also seriously thinking of starting a love advice blog. No I'm not kidding. Yes I know that I'm also single, perpetually, usually by choice tho sometimes not. Anyhow, I'm starting to notice that having a vagina has automatically made me qualified in How Women Think. I have answered questions like: how do you know when a girl likes you? What should you get a new girlfriend for christmas? Does she like it when I do THAT? I know which of my guy friends are vanilla about sex, I know which ones think threesomes involve "lots of waiting for the other chick" and I know which ones think that sniffing their laundry is an acceptable way to tell which ones are clean. Anyhow, I think that some guys need a place to ask what they're too embarrassed to ask their mothers. But then, lets face it Im not actually terribly relationship qualified. I can always poll my friends though!


Maryann said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving :)

Laura said...

Canadian thanksgiving is in october.. but THANKS