Saturday, November 8, 2008

just for fun

I'm going to try and post every day. Hopefully the strike at York will allow me to do so AND catch up on all my readings.

Anyways, in case you haven't noticed, we are well in to fall. I dragged my butt out last night in spite of the rain to have supper with one of my besties. My only complaints were that supper was too short and the wine didn't have enough character for that kind of pasta.

PASTA, thats right. There is no food that I long for more in the colder months then pasta. Though I admit just about anything hot and sweet, and the occasional bowl of squash soup can give pasta a run for its money. What seems more perfect on a miserably cold and damp night then pasta drenched in a cream and wine sauce, maybe with some chicken or maybe some sea food and of course some winter vegetables tossed in as well. Accompanied by a great wine and followed up with a tarte... I'm in Heaven.

Truthfully though, there is absolutely nothing I want to do more today then bake. I was toying with the idea of shopping especially since I'm almost sure Im going out tonight and I'm equally sure that my jeans, as much as I love them are not the going out kind of jeans. They aren't dark enough and too comfy, though if we're just going to a bar what do I care. But no, today I'm going to curl up and read papers about aboriginals, China and Aristotle while eating those soft fresh from the oven melt in your mouth kind of chocolate chip cookies and I shall toy with the idea of ginger snaps and brioche.

PS I know that this is sounding a great deal like a food blog today. I confess I draw a great deal of comfort out of reading food blogs on cold wet days.

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