Wednesday, November 12, 2008

hodge podge

One of my friends IMed me the other day and said every time I read your blog I love you even more... or something to that effect. Unfortunately I was having dinner and I didn't get a chance to follow up.

Anyways that is neither here nor there.

I think that this post is going to be a hodge podge. Thats where my mind is right now. Do you know how I spent my day? I spent my day with 16 four year olds. I spent my day wiping dirty faces, cuddling, carrying 8 coats and three lunch bags while children found places on my body to hold on to. I spent my day trying to think of creative ways to get the kids to walk down the hall in something close to a line... we totally killed and burried the soldiers routine and the kids don't believe that fish swim in a straight line. I read stories in expressive voices and then made up other stories. I got blood on my hands (what would my lifeguarding instructor say!!) when one of the kids had a nose bleed. I cuddled another kid for a solid hour and my cos and I got those 16 kids in and out of swim suits ON TIME. (No one wore their underwear underneath their suits this time either... BONUS) My hair is a mess, my glasses are dirty and I haven't worn makeup in days! I'm pretty short on sleep to.

Anyways, all that said! I'm off to bed. (very early)

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