Monday, November 24, 2008

a new job!

A new year, A new job! How exciting. I know, neither have started yet, but its what I have to look forward to. That's right folks, I have landed another AA job for a politician. This is super exciting. By AA I mean admin assistant FYI. I've had this kind of job before, it can be dull. It kind of depends on your employer. However, working for a politician has its perks, my personal favourite is lots and lots of phone calls. This might not seem like a good thing to most people but it is. For two reasons: 1# it breaks the monotony. The complaints are varied, they come in different styles, from the polite "we thought you should know our garbage hasn't been picked up in 6 weeks" to the hysterical "our neighbour's boyfriend is parked ILLEGALLY for the second fucking time in a row! If you do not fix this problem immediately I will make SURE that the mayor knows! No I will not fucking speak to the boyfriend first you asshole, I want the person elected to represent me who is being paid by my fucking tax dollars to fix the problem." So, yes, ahem, phone calls do indeed break the monotony. Reason # 2 is perhaps my perversity. Yes I am a cynic, I am a cynic about love, sometimes about human nature, I'm definitely a cynic about bankers; stock brokers and the market in general, but for some strange reason I still see politics as the ultimate higher calling. Usually the people who become politicians could be making more, it would be easier for them to work their way steadily up the corporate or legal ladder (or whatever) but instead they choose the tiring, arduous task of being a politician. Why? Well, sometimes its exciting. Its often thought provoking. A few noble souls feel that it is the best way to give back to their country/province/city, and lots of people see it as one big game. I know that doesn't sound terribly reassuring. Both sides are in it to win, but where does that leave the voters? To me, the most exciting thing about it all is that politics is the ultimate agent of change. If you have an Obama-esque vision, really the only way to bring it about is through politics!

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