Thursday, November 20, 2008

fearless shows yay!

Ok this is something that the Women's network seems to specialize in and I love it. Shows like How to Look Good Naked and What not to Wear make the women in the show feel good and thus me by proxy. Of course, it means I have to put up with awkward vagisil commercials and board game commercials (signs of the recession 101) but seriously these shows are awesome. They specialize in body confidence in a short period of time. Sometimes it doesn't work, once I saw a skinny girl on What Not To Wear who was having trouble with clothes because she felt "top-heavy" the women was probably 120 pounds with a b-cup, so she clearly had other issues at work. However, these shows are great for women with "general" low self-esteem. Lets face it, no one is perfect and we have RIDICULOUS body pressures on us that are created in part by society and the media etc. These shows kind of counter that. The group of women that they help the most are those that seem to have given up, They wear drab shapeless clothes, and they wear their hair long and tied up like the member of some strict sectarian religion. They wear little makeup, don't deal with their eyebrows and oh My GOD I could go on. (If you've seen me lately you're saying Laura you are a fucking hypocrite you're eyebrows are a mess) To me, the most painful part of this is the fact that SOOOOOOO many of these women are MOMS.

Does this mean, when I'm a mom I'm going to stop wearing nice clothes? I doubt it, my mother gets her hair done regularly, has immaculate makeup and knows the importance of a good suit. I think a huge part of that, is the fact that she has a life outside of her family. Its true, in my recent recollection I have seen at least 4 women on this show who, in spite of their jobs say that they are a mom first so it doesn' matter what they look like. I kinda feel bad for their husbands, but I feel worse for them. You have a child so suddenly you don't have any value beyond that child? Wake up ladies, you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of another human.

Actually, that's one of the areas about my mom that does frustrate me. I wish she would go to the gym more. It has nothing to do with her weight. The woman has blood pressure problems, a whole slew of immune system problems, and she's getting to an age where she should be thinking about bone density and muscle mass. But no, she puts her career and family first, not her health.

Please, please take care of yourselves first ladies. In looking after yourself you're making sure you'll be arond for a long time to look after your family, career and other interests.


Maryann said...

I love What Not To Wear..and now Gunn's show as well :)

Laura said...

I knoow. any self esteem boosting reality show is da bomb